Pure steam generator

Pure steam generator

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Product introduction

Pure steam generator is a kind of equipment which uses deionized water as raw material water and uses steam heating to make pure steam. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. It is an ideal equipment for sterilization in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, beverages and other industries. The principle of sterilization is different from that of pasteurization devices. Some people may have certain errors.

Pure steam generator is mainly composed of transpiration device, preheater and electric automatic control part. To ensure the quality of pure steam, pharmaceutical water equipment manufacturers generally adopt a unique three-stage separation method, namely falling film steam, gravity sedimentation, and wire mesh defoaming.

working principle

The qualified raw material water is mainly boosted by a multi-stage pump and then enters the preheater through a flow meter. After heat exchange, the temperature can be about 10 to 15 degrees lower than the steam heated by the steamer. The inner wall of the tube allows the raw material water to flow into a film in the tube. After being vaporized by the boiler steam, the secondary steam containing the water droplets will enter the three-level separation equipment from the lower end of the heating tube, and then generate pure steam.

We can check the conductivity of pure steam condensate online, and then check whether the steam is qualified. The boiler steam evaporator is condensed by the raw water to absorb the heat, and condenses into boiler steam condensate. As a heating source for the preheater, the preheated raw water will be discharged from the preheater drain.


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