Multi-effect distilled water machine

Multi-effect distilled water machine

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product description:

The multi-effect distilled water equipment is mainly based on the different working pressures between the various effects of the steamer. After the multi-effect heat transfer and transpiration, the raw material water is fully vaporized. To achieve the purpose of saving heating steam and cooling water. It is mainly used for injection water system in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and it is also a water injection equipment.

Its component parts are transpiration, preheater, condenser, and electric automatic control. The transpiration device mainly uses the vertical tube falling film transpiration principle. In order to ensure the quality of distilled water, the vaporizer is equipped with special soda separation equipment.

Its characteristics

Its specific stainless steel appearance is electrochemically polished, thereby increasing the useful life of the equipment. The raw water entering the equipment will undergo three-level separation of falling film transpiration, gravity separation, and especially separation equipment.

Its external preheater, condenser, and multi-effect transpiration are planned in a double tube sheet, which can effectively eliminate the possibility of contamination of the system with low sanitation media.

It uses high-quality seamless pipes with better strength and durability, and also has three-dimensional elbows. As far as possible, stainless steel pipes are used to directly stretch the elbows on the pipes to prevent welding. And the connection of pipelines and parts, the basic choice is automatic argon protection rail welding to ensure welding quality.

It has obvious energy-saving effects. The secondary steam will be used step by step in each effect. Therefore, the use rate of industrial steam is very high. And it uses PLC active control skills to meet customers' different control requirements.

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