Industrial wastewater treatment equipment

Industrial wastewater treatment equipment

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Chemical wastewater refers to the wastewater produced by chemical plants in the process of producing products. Compared with the oily wastewater produced in the production of ethylene, polyethylene, rubber, polyester, methanol, glycol, oil tank farms, air separation and air compressor stations and other equipment After its biochemical treatment, it can generally reach China's secondary emission standards. We now have less and less water. We need to further process the water that has reached the emission standard before it can be used for industrial water replenishment. So as to achieve zero discharge of industrial wastewater.

Its main pollution factors are PH, SS, and TP. If it is discharged, it will cause the water body to become acidic, and the water body will be rich in nutrients. In the chemical industry, industrial and wastewater treatment equipment system technology is widely used.

The zero discharge technology of industrial wastewater is the advanced technology in the world now, involving the use of a variety of advanced membrane products and interdisciplinary products. In this process, the wastewater is reused after treatment, and the high-value substances in the transpiration residue can be recovered. Emissions together generate economic value.

The principle of the process is mainly that the low-temperature transpiration equipment is a device that completes the vapor-liquid sufficient and efficient touch through a common plan, and the liquid is transferred from the liquid phase to the gas phase to complete the liquid transpiration and concentration equipment.


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