Medical purified water equipment advantages
- 2019-10-31-

Advantages of medical purified water equipment:

Can purify a variety of mixed acid gas and acid mist at the same time;

The form of the equipment is highly designable and can be adapted to different import concentrations, export concentrations, and site requirements;

Safe to use without secondary pollution;

Even at low concentrations, it has high purification efficiency and can meet strict environmental protection regulations.

Stable operation, maintenance-free, easy replacement of adsorbent. The equipment is made of FRP or PVC and has strong anti-corrosion ability;

No water, no water circulation system, no maintenance, low operating cost;

Negative pressure operation, no exhaust gas leaks to the periphery of the equipment; purification air volume can be from tens to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters / hour.

Features of acid waste gas treatment equipment:

1. Various acid waste gases (especially containing NO that is not easily soluble in water) coexist;

2. Wide range of exhaust gas concentration variation;

3. Intermittent generation (or large air volume and low concentration);

4. Complicated form, gaseous pollutants (HCL, SO2, NOX, etc.) and mist pollutants (hydrochloric acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, nitric acid mist, etc.) coexist.

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