Basic requirements for water injection equipment
- 2019-10-16-

basic requirements

Water injection equipment system is composed of water treatment equipment, storage equipment, distribution pump and pipe network. There is a possibility of external pollution caused by raw water and external causes of the water production system, and the pollution of raw water is the main external pollution source of the water production system. The US Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia all clearly require that raw water for pharmaceutical water meet at least the quality standards for drinking water. If the drinking water standard is not reached, pre-purification measures must be taken first. Because E. coli is a clear sign of water pollution, there are clear international requirements for E. coli in drinking water. Other polluting bacteria are not subdivided. In the standard, the total number of bacteria is expressed. The limit of the total number of bacteria in China is 100 / ml, which indicates that there is also microbial pollution in the raw water that meets the drinking water standard, which endangers the water system The main contaminating bacteria are Gram-negative bacteria. Others, such as the tank's exhaust port without protection measures or the use of inferior gas filters, water backflow from the polluted outlet can also cause external pollution.

In addition, there is internal pollution during the preparation and operation of the water system. Internal pollution is closely related to the design, material selection, operation, maintenance, storage, and use of water pollution systems. Various water treatment equipment may become the source of internal pollution of microorganisms. For example, microorganisms in raw water are adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon, deionized resin, filter membranes and other equipment to form biofilms. Protection, general disinfectants have no effect on it. Another source of pollution is in the distribution system. Microorganisms can form colonies on the surface of pipes, valves and other areas and multiply there, forming biofilms, thus becoming a persistent source of pollution. Therefore, some foreign companies have stricter standards for the design of water production systems.

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