What are the technologies and characteristics of zero discharge of industrial wastewater?
- 2019-10-12-

1. Sewage water body

Sewage water is generally relatively stable. Common solutions include alkalization, aerobic microorganism solution, and disinfection. The chemical wastewater should be effectively selected based on the actual water conditions. It must be emphasized that, for the use of aerobic microorganisms to treat wastewater, it is necessary to pay attention to the biochemical properties of the wastewater. Generally, BOD5 / COD> 0.3 is required. Acidification to improve the biochemical properties of wastewater, or to consider the use of non-biological factors to solve the physical or organic chemical methods.

Zero discharge technology for industrial wastewater

2. Degree of sewage treatment

It is the key basis for the selection of wastewater treatment steps. The level of sewage treatment should lie in the characteristics of the water body of the wastewater, the movement of the water after the solution, and the self-purification ability of the water injected into the wastewater. However, at this stage, the key to clarifying the level of sewage treatment is to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country and the technical current policies. The general environmental safety management unit is based on the "Integrated Environmental Protection Standard for Wastewater" and related environmental protection standards for the manufacturing industry to manipulate the concentration value of wastewater discharge. Some regions with higher socioeconomic development require more stringent regional environmental protection standards. Therefore, no matter what kind of wastewater must be solved, no matter what kind of process treatment and solution level is adopted, the water output of the solution system software can be qualified as the basis and prerequisite. Prevent and rectify water pollution and air pollution in accordance with laws and regulations, policies and regulations, and existing policies.

3. Capital construction and operation costs

Considering the capital construction and operation costs, it is necessary to solve the problem that the water exceeds the drinking water standard. Under this prerequisite, construction projects and production processes with low operating costs should be highly valued. In addition, reducing land occupation is a key strategy to reduce capital construction costs.

4. Difficulty level of construction

Zero discharge technology for industrial wastewater

The level of difficulty coefficient of engineering construction is the first to select the hazardous elements of the production process. For areas with high soil temperatures and geological standard deviations, it is not suitable to use buildings with a depth of 1 and a high degree of difficulty in engineering construction.

5.Local natural and social development standards

Local natural conditions such as topography and climate are also necessary to select wastewater treatment steps. If the local climate is severely cold, after adopting appropriate technical measures, all normal operations can be performed at ultra-low temperature seasons, and a processing technology to ensure that qualified water bodies are obtained.

Local social development standards such as raw materials, water sources, and energy supply are among the first steps that should be taken into consideration.

6.Water flow of wastewater

In addition to the water, the water flow of the wastewater is the number one hazard. A warm welcome to bees who care about environmental protection. For wastewater with large water flow and water body transformation, consideration should first be given to selecting a processing technology with a strong ability to withstand impact loads, or considering the establishment of buffer machinery such as a sewage tank to avoid adverse effects.

In other words, the selection of industrial wastewater zero-discharge equipment treatment processes should take full consideration of various factors, and the technical and economic development of various planning schemes can be concluded.

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