Important parts cleaning of ultra pure water equipment in electronics industry
- 2019-10-10-

Important parts cleaning of ultra pure water equipment in electronics industry

Reverse osmosis membrane is a very important part of ultra pure water equipment. After long-term use, reverse osmosis membrane will accumulate microscopic substances such as dirt, bacteria, etc. At this time, it is necessary to clean the reverse osmosis membrane of ultra pure water equipment, then ultra pure water How to clean the reverse osmosis membrane of the equipment?

The frequency of membrane cleaning is closely related to the perfection of pretreatment methods. The more complete the pretreatment, the longer the cleaning distance, and conversely, the simpler the pretreatment, the higher the cleaning frequency. Where possible, take measures before the decline in salt rejection is shown. Formal maintenance maintenance cleaning is not enough to maintain the reverse osmosis system. For example, due to abnormal operation of the pretreatment equipment, the water inlet conditions will change within a short time.

Backwashing is effective in preventing large particles from blocking certain types of reverse osmosis membranes. But not all contamination can be removed by simple backwashing, and periodic chemical cleaning is required. In addition to adding chemicals and labor costs, chemical cleaning also has pollution problems, so it should not be too frequent. It should not exceed 1-2 times per month, and each cleaning time is about 1-2h. The chemical cleaning system usually includes a chemical mixing tank and its matching pump, mixer, heater, etc. Chemical cleaning is often determined based on operating experience (can be based on the relationship between the pressure drop readings of each column of equipment and the time of operation, or based on the amount of water produced, the quality of the fresh water and the pressure drop of the membrane).

The chemicals and methods used in chemical cleaning shall be determined according to the source of pollution. In order to ensure the effect, rinse before chemical cleaning. Reduce the pressure before rinsing, and then rinse the membrane with 2-3 times the normal flow rate of water. The dirt is peeled from the membrane surface and washed away by the agitating effect of the fluid. Then, according to the pollution characteristics, a cleaning solution is selected to chemically clean the membrane. In order to maintain the reverse osmosis membrane, the liquid temperature does not exceed 35 ° C.

If the system is stopped for more than 5 days, rinse with formaldehyde before putting it into use. If the system is stopped for two weeks or longer, it needs to be soaked with 0.25% formaldehyde to prevent microorganisms from growing in the membrane. Chemicals are changed once a week.

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