What is the reason for the broken RO membrane of medical purified water equipment?
- 2019-09-25-

The main application of medical purified water equipment is the RO membrane in the equipment, so once any problem occurs in the RO membrane of the medical purified water equipment, it will affect the operation of the equipment, so what is the reason for the broken RO membrane? Let me tell you a bit.

Medical purified water equipment

The remaining excess gas in the RO of medical purified water equipment runs quickly under high pressure, causing the air hammer to damage the RO membrane. First, after the device gas is evacuated, the pressure will gradually increase when restarting, so be sure to ensure that the pressure of two to four bar will gradually increase after exhausting the excess air. Second, if the pump and the device used are not very With good airtightness, a vacuum will suck in some air. Therefore, the micro filter should be replaced in time to ensure that the pipeline is not leaking.

Incorrect method when medical purified water equipment is switched off. Once the device stops operating normally, we need to add a certain amount of additives into it, and make the TDS close by reducing the pressure; the RO of medical purified water equipment is not disinfected, which will cause a large number of microorganisms to contaminate.

The pressure to be applied during operation must be far greater than the osmotic pressure value of the solution within the range allowed by the medical purified water equipment and membrane strength, and it is generally several times to nearly dozens of times the osmotic pressure value. When the salt solution is in contact with the surface of the porous semipermeable membrane, a layer of water molecules is selectively adsorbed on the solution interface of the membrane. Under the action of the membrane pressure, pure water flows out through the capillary action of the membrane and continuously flows out to form the interface purity. Water layer.

In summary, the reason why the RO membrane of medical purified water equipment is broken is this, I hope to help everyone, if you have any questions, you can consult our company at any time, I believe you will not be disappointed.

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