Product features of pharmaceutical water equipment manufacturers
- 2019-09-11-

Product features of pharmaceutical water equipment manufacturers

◇ Modular production, reasonable and compact structure, small footprint;

◇ Perfect control system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the water machine;

◇ The production process is strictly performed in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system specifications;

◇ The equipment fully meets the requirements of GMP and is tailored specifically for pharmaceutical companies;

◇ There is a diaphragm valve sampling point behind each processing unit, which is convenient for sampling and testing;

◇ Fully active control, water production, recoil, cleaning, disinfection, etc. are all actively controlled by PLC, which reduces the labor intensity of manual operation while ensuring ** control;

◇ In order to ensure the safety of water, the entire system of ultra-pure water treatment equipment uses stainless steel raw materials, and all welding points adopt trajectory active argon arc welding, which conforms to 3D specifications;

◇ Low operation and maintenance cost, simple and converged equipment operation; the system can reduce the risk of microbial contamination through a low-throughput self-circulation standby state when the purified water tank is full, and the restart response time is short.

Application area

◇ Production of large infusions, injections, oral liquids and other preparations;

◇ Extraction, scrubbing, injection and capsule production of APIs;

◇ Production of eye drops and care liquids;

◇ Sterile water in hospital hemodialysis room, biochemical analysis room, operating room;

◇ Multi-effect distilled water machine raw water, bottle washing water;

◇ Water for cosmetic process and washing supplies;

◇ Biochemical pharmaceutical products and diagnostic reagents.

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