What are the unit equipment for medical purified water equipment?
- 2019-09-06-

The medical purified water equipment is made of sanitary stainless steel from the raw materials, and the medical purified water equipment is extremely strict from the welding process and the device process. The following Shanghai Fuzi Xiaobian introduces to us what unit equipment the medical purified water equipment contains?

1. Activated carbon filter tank unit equipment

Activated carbon has a lot of micropores and a large specific surface area, and has strong physical adsorption ability. Can effectively adsorb impurities in water, especially organic matter and microorganisms. The function of oxygen-containing catalytic oxidation and chemisorption formed by the appearance of activated carbon can remove some metal ions in water. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on the remaining chlorine in the water to protect the appearance of downstream stainless steel equipment and pipelines and to meet the requirements of the water treatment unit of the subsequent water treatment unit.

2.Multimedia filter unit equipment

Multi-media filter tanks are mostly filled with filter materials such as quartz sand, anthracite and manganese sand. Its role is mainly to reduce water turbidity, and can remove many bacteria, viruses, organic matter, etc. in the water. This creates favorable conditions for subsequent disinfection processes. Manganese sand removes iron and manganese significantly.

3.Precision filter unit equipment

Precision filters are also called security filters, and the filtration accuracy is generally 5 μm. Its role is to retain all particles with a particle size greater than 5 μm to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis.

4.Automatic recoil and regeneration softening tank unit equipment

The softening tank is filled with sodium-type cation exchange resin. Gram reduces the hardness of water through the ion exchange response of the resin, prevents calcium and magnesium ions from combining with carbonate and sulfate ions, and prevents scaling in subsequent water treatment equipment or pipes.

5.Anti-soaking unit equipment

Anti-seepage (RO) skills are an important part of membrane separation skills. Reverse osmosis is the reverse migration movement of osmosis. It is a separation method that separates the solute from the solvent in the solution under the influence of pressure through the selection and retention of a semi-permeable membrane.

6. Sterilization system unit equipment

Netder's medical purified water equipment uses ozone and UV in an orderly combination for disinfection and sterilization. Ozone has obvious effects on deodorization, decolorization, sterilization, removal of phenol, cyanide, iron, manganese, and reduction of COD and BOD in water treatment species. Ultraviolet can first reduce the rate of new colonies in the pretreatment section of the water system. The 254nm ultraviolet lamp located behind the ozone can be used together to disinfect and eliminate ozone residues.

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