How to install two-stage reverse osmosis equipment
- 2019-07-22-

Two-stage reverse osmosis mainly uses the production water of the first stage reverse osmosis as raw water, and then carries out the second purification of reverse osmosis. It has been widely used in drinking pure water. The reverse osmosis technology is often used in pre-salting treatment. By reducing the load of the ion exchange resin by more than 90%, the amount of resin regenerant can also be reduced by 90%. The unique water treatment technology of the two-stage reverse osmosis equipment cannot be reached by other water purification methods.

Reverse osmosis skills are membrane separation skills, which are used in conjunction with the pre-treatment system. It uses the pressure of a high-pressure pump to retain the reverse osmosis membrane, which can effectively remove impurities such as solid dissolved matter, organic matter, colloids, microorganisms and bacteria in water. It has a wide application scale, high degree of automation, small footprint, low energy consumption, and good effluent water quality.

The relevant knowledge about the installation and operation of reverse osmosis pure water equipment is as follows.

1. Place the reverse osmosis pure water host and pre-processor near the water source and power source.

2. Install filter materials such as quartz sand, activated carbon, and softened resin.

3. Connection to the waterway: The inlet of the original water pump is connected to the water source, the outlet of the pre-filter is connected to the inlet of the host, and the pre-processor and the drain of the host are connected to the sewer by pipes.

4. Circuit: Firstly, ground the ground wire reliably, and connect the random power line to the room electric control box.

5. Connect the water source and power supply and follow the process according to the requirements of "Pre-processing Operation Clarification", and the pre-processing debugging operation is completed.

6. Using the machine, the original water pump switch is set to the automatic position, and the stop switch is turned on. Connect the water source and power supply. When the pressure at the multi-stage pump port reaches the set value of the pressure controller, the multi-stage pump starts operation. After the multi-stage pump is started, the system pressure is adjusted to 1.0-1.2Mpa. Prior to start, the RO membrane system should be manually rinsed for 30 minutes.

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