Which aspects of ultra pure water equipment in the electronics industry should be selected from
- 2019-07-22-

Regardless of whether it is ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry or medical treatment, their effluent water quality is relatively high, and the water is convenient to produce, and the effluent is relatively stable. It is favored by many industries that require high water.

So how do users of ultrapure water equipment choose the equipment that suits them. First of all, the issues that need to be understood when selecting ultrapure water equipment are generally the following.

First of all, you need to know the usefulness of your water production, because you can only know the quality of the produced water after you know the usefulness. Since different industries have different requirements for the quality of produced water, you need to determine the conductivity requirements of water according to specific requirements. To roughly determine the type of device.

You need to know the water source and water quality in your area, and then determine the major category of the machine according to the type of raw water. Then determine whether additional pre-processor ultrapure water equipment is required based on the target of raw water hardness, suspended solids content, etc.

The next step is to understand your own needs for water extraction methods, device placement, and product appearance, and select more suitable ultrapure water equipment based on the above situation.

At the same time, we need to understand the service and after-sales service of the service provider. When we buy products, we also need to pay attention to the issues of the device and after-sales service. China can be guaranteed.

Then it is to understand the cost and methods of subsequent replacement of filter cartridges. The clean water equipment needs long-term use, and basically requires subsequent maintenance and replacement of consumables. Therefore, you need to compare each other when you buy. The problems and corresponding costs need to be considered carefully.

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