Features of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment
- 2019-07-22-

Industrial production, as a basic condition for our progress and social development, plays a very important role in our lives and work. However, industrial production will cause severe pollution of water resources, which will also have a great impact on the environment. I believe that everyone knows that where the industry is developed, the environment is often not very good.

In fact, no matter what kind of pollution, there are corresponding treatment methods. The composition of industrial sewage is generally more messy and difficult than other sewage treatment. In order to deal with the problem of difficult sewage, the industry mainly uses a combination of primary treatment, secondary advanced treatment and disinfection technology.

It can effectively remove organic and polluting substances in sewage. Of course, the type of sewage treatment equipment we use needs to be selected according to the amount of industrial sewage discharge, so as to ensure that the sewage produced every day can be treated quantitatively and safely discharged.

Nowadays, due to the shortage of water resources, the industry needs to classify water quality, and part of the water quality requires three-level treatment, so that it can be recovered and used, which can reduce the pollution and increase the utilization rate of water resources, while reducing the economic burden. This is a more widely used skills program.

According to the water quality characteristics of industrial sewage, it is relatively difficult to treat a kind of sewage. We can use industrial wastewater zero-discharge equipment to treat it to ensure qualified discharge. So what are the characteristics of using industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment?

1. First, the industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment is made of carbon steel anti-corrosion treatment or stainless steel components, and is assembled on site. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and convenient to install.

2. It adopts FRP, carbon steel, stainless steel anti-corrosion structure, which has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and has a long operating time.

3. Placed below the surface, the surface above the industrial wastewater zero-discharge equipment can be used as afforestation or other land, without the need for building houses, heating, and insulation.

4. No pollution, no noise, no odor, reduce secondary pollution.

5. It is not limited by the amount of industrial sewage, and is flexible and can be used individually or in combination.

6. The entire industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment treatment system is equipped with a PLC fully automatic electrical control system and an industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment fault alarm system. The operation is safe and reliable. No special person is required to handle it. It is only necessary to timely protect and discharge industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment. maintenance.

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