What are the treatment methods for zero discharge of industrial wastewater
- 2019-07-22-

Industrial production wastewater is highly corrosive. If it is directly discharged without treatment, it will corrode pipes and structures and discharge into the water body, which will change the pH value of the water body, interfere, and affect the growth of aquatic organisms and fishery production. Farmland will change the nature of the soil, acidify or salinize the soil, and damage crops. Therefore, acid-alkali wastewater should be recovered and used as much as possible, or treated so that the pH value of the wastewater is between 6 and 9 before it can be discharged.

As the space occupied by the zero discharge of industrial wastewater is relatively small, it is easy to operate and install, and the decontamination effect is obvious. It needs to be used by companies that use wastewater treatment. So how many skills are there for zero discharge of industrial wastewater? Let ’s take a brief look.

The first is unpowered wastewater treatment skills, which mainly use traditional theories such as anaerobic digestion-aerobic degradation and two-stage life film method. Wastewater can run on its own and does not require rated power. It saves costs, is easy to maintain and manage, and does not require advantages such as management costs.

The second is UUAR wastewater treatment skills. It mainly uses the domestic wastewater self-flow method to use anaerobic biofilm skills and the principle of push-flow treatment of daily sewage to achieve the role of wastewater purification. Its advantages are stable water quality and no daily operation. It is suitable for treating scattered wastewater in rural areas, and the cost is relatively low.

Then there is the wastewater treatment skill, which mainly uses aerobic aeration equipment and sludge recovery system in the sedimentation area to treat sewage according to traditional septic tanks, which has the advantages of preventing sludge loss and improvement.

Then there is the A / O method + chemical dephosphorization method for wastewater treatment process skills. It first performs denitrification and denitrification, decarbonization and nitrification reactions, and then chemically dephosphorizes the wastewater treatment. Its strength is that it can regularly exit the country to prevent Secondary pollution.

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