Related classifications of MBR membrane bioreactors
- 2019-07-22-

MBR membrane bioreactors can be generally divided into the following types

1. The membrane bioreactor is separated from the membrane module and is called a split membrane bioreactor. The principle of the process is that the mixed liquid enters the membrane module after being pressurized by the pump. Under pressure, the liquid in the mixed liquid passes through the membrane to obtain system effluent and active sewage. The mud is trapped and returned to the bioreactor with the concentrate.

2. The integrated membrane bioreactor that requires the membrane module to be placed in the reactor is filtered by the pump. The cross-flow required for the membrane surface cleaning is caused by air agitation, and the mixed liquid moves upward with the air flow. Shear forces occur on the surface, which reduces film fouling.

MBR membrane bioreactors are classified according to large-scale practical use:

1. Mass transfer, which mainly supplies oxygen for aerobic skills, can complete the bubble-free aeration reactor of the bioreactor;

3. The membrane separation bioreactor used for solid-liquid separation in sewage treatment;

2. It is used for the treatment of priority pollutants in industrial wastewater. The selective membrane is used to extract specific pollutants. It is also called extraction membrane bioreactor.

Can be classified according to whether aerobic is as follows

Aerobic MBR membrane bioreactor is used for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater. Aerobic MBR is generally used for municipal wastewater treatment to make the effluent reach the purpose of reuse. The main purpose of industrial wastewater is to remove some extra pollutants, such as Oily pollutants.

The anaerobic MBR membrane bioreactor is a combination of membrane separation skills and anaerobic bioreactors, resulting in a new type of technology that is more efficient, low energy consumption, easy to control and initiate.

The high-efficiency retention of the membrane not only solves the problem of anaerobic sludge, which is easy to lose from the membrane bioreactor and leads to the degradation of the effluent water quality. At the same time, the role of membrane separation also has a role in strengthening the structure and treatment of the anaerobic reactor Reflected.

The hydrolytic fermentation capacity is improved, and the macromolecular organic compounds are trapped in the acid-producing reactor to hydrolyze and ferment the membrane, and therefore, a high acidification rate is maintained. Anaerobic membrane bioreactors are often used for the treatment of high-concentration organic water separation.

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