What are the advantages of medical purified water equipment
- 2019-07-22-

The design of medical purified water equipment has the following advantages

1. Welding is used for each connection part of the purified water preparation equipment, followed by clamping. The main method is to eliminate the tooth connection. The entire system is a single-sided welding and double-sided molding process.

2. The pipelines in contact with the terminal pure water all meet the requirements of GMP3D.

3. The system planning is more user-friendly and fits ergonomics. It has a one-button launch. The height of the touch screen, valves, and meters fits the average height of Chinese people, which is convenient for operation and inspection.

4. It uses PLC + touch screen automatic control method, which is stable, reliable, exquisite and beautiful. The automatic mode is one-button start, and the operation is simple and convenient.

5. The touch screen is equipped with dynamic animation monitoring screens for pumps, valves and water tank levels.

7. The manual and automatic mode conversion is convenient, with special prompt function, which can prevent non-operators from operating this equipment by mistake.

8. The conductivity of purified water can be monitored in real time, and the flow rate above 1m / s can be adhered to. This can reduce the possibility of multiplication of microorganisms in the purified water pipe network.

9. Set the functions of qualified water and unqualified discharge to the previous section at all levels of water quality sections to ensure the safety and security of water quality; in order to complete no dead ends in each section, if the purified water tank is full of water, the entire system cycle will be triggered to avoid long-term failure Mobile breeding microorganisms.

10. Set the water quality correction function, there is a lower use of water quality early warning function, there will never be an urgent situation; the water system and the water supply system are operated separately.

11. The RO water production and flushing time can be set. When the water is at its peak, the water production time can be adjusted and the water point can be used to stabilize the water; the secondary RO concentrated water and unqualified purified water can be recycled to the original water tank to save water.

12. The sampling valve is set at the place where the water quality of each unit changes, which is convenient for the sampling and analysis of data.

13. The system greatly reduces the danger of microbial reproduction, and the touching part with purified water is less than 3D planning.

14. Drainage pipes are air-blocked at 25mm intervals to avoid back suction and interspersed pollution.

15. Modular planning, compact structure, small footprint, simple and convenient operation and protection.

16. The entire system operates according to a procedure, that is, there is no need for water. The preparation system is shut down for 8 hours and the system is actively operated for 15 minutes to avoid long stop of water in the pipeline and the risk of microbial reproduction.

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