Water injection equipment
- 2019-08-09-

The preparation, storage and distribution of water for injection equipment should prevent the breeding and contamination of microorganisms. The storage of water for injection can be kept at 80 ~ C or above, 65 ~ C above or above, or 4 ~ C below. It can be seen that non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistance (full taste disinfection) are the basic requirements for the selection of pharmaceutical water-based materials. At present, the distribution system of high-temperature pure steam purified water and water for injection can be used for sterilization of activated carbon. The material for water injection pipes can satisfy the above requirements is 316 or 316L, which has low carbon content and excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion. It is often used for pipes or fittings that are not heat treated after welding. The corrosion resistance of chromium oxide on the surface of this material is stable under turbulent and high speed conditions. After confirming the material, the focus is on checking the material processing, surface polishing treatment, non-metal material composition after treatment, evaluation statement of processing ability, and so on. The general engineering equipment of water for injection pipes is selected to measure and visually inspect the pipe diameter, wall thickness, surface treatment condition and outer packaging condition. This method is relatively forced on the operator, because once a problem occurs, Party A's proposal to replace or reprocess will directly affect the equipment cycle of the construction period. The uniformity of the thickness of the pipe wall of the water pipe for injection directly affects the quality of the pipe welding equipment. Therefore, we choose a seam steel pipe with a uniform wall thickness and require precision polishing of the inner wall weld of the pipe. The appearance inspection mainly inspects the polished passivation roughness, rust scratches, streaks, burrs of the nozzle and sanitary protection status of stainless steel pipes and fittings. The flat joint sealing gasket of the water injection pipe is generally selected from acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and high-temperature resistant polytetrafluoroethylene or food silicone materials. The front color is thick and uniform, and the surface is free of cracks and wear. Sampling and pressure inspection of pipes and fittings before equipment. The nozzle is required to be covered with a rigid PVC cover. Equipment Preparation Inspection Equipment Welding Seam Inspection Site Equipment Pressure Inspection Before pipeline equipment, it is necessary to confess and archive all the contents in the three confession columns one by one. During the welding of sanitary pipes, the quality of the protective gas directly affects the quality of the weld. Generally, the quality of the weld is judged from the color of the weld, which is generally silver-white.

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