Analysis of two-stage reverse osmosis equipment that can filter antibiotics
- 2019-08-21-

Humans or animals often cannot absorb the antibiotics they take, which leads to pollution caused by the discharge of many antibiotics into the environment as metabolites or even in their original state, which is called antibiotic pollution. So can two-stage reverse osmosis equipment filter out antibiotics? The following Zibo Linsen Environmental Protection Technology will show you.

Two-stage reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology that uses pressure as the driving force by the function of selecting a permeable (semi-permeable) membrane. When the pressure in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the aqueous solution, water molecules continuously penetrate. After passing through the membrane, it flows into the central tube through the water production channel, and then the impurities in the water, such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., are trapped on the water inlet side of the membrane, then flow out at the concentrated water outlet side, and then reach the separation purification intention.

The use of antibiotics will cause resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, which will increase the useful dose of antibiotics to remove bacteria. Low-dose antibiotics are excreted into the environment for a long time, which will increase the resistance of sensitive bacteria. In addition, resistance genes can expand and evolve in the environment, posing a potential threat to the ecological environment and human health. In addition to causing bacterial resistance, antibiotics may also cause ** toxicity to other organisms.

Before antibiotics are discharged, pre-discharge treatment must be carried out to ensure that the water quality can reach the regular discharge standards. It is understood that the diameter of general antibiotics is between 0.22 and 0.7 microns, and the accuracy of two-stage reverse osmosis filter membranes reaches 0.0001 microns. Can be useful to block various antibiotics outside the filter.

The two-stage reverse osmosis equipment can solve this problem very well. The equipment selects the "pretreatment and single-stage, two-stage two-stage reverse osmosis" process, which can effectively filter out various antibiotics in water, and then reach the required antibiotic discharge standard. . The equipment uses pretreatment, two-stage reverse osmosis technology, mixed-bed ion exchange equipment, EDI device, and post-treatment to remove almost the conductive medium in the water, and all the non-dissociable colloidal materials, gases and organic matter in the water Low-level water treatment equipment. The equipment is mainly selected from the two-stage reverse osmosis membrane technology.

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