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What should I do if the industrial RO water treatment equipment encounters the following situations during use?
- 2019-10-21-

During the use of RO water treatment equipment, some problems will inevitably occur, affecting the normal use of the equipment. To help you have more knowledge and understanding of water treatment equipment, we will give simple answers to some common questions about the equipment.

1. Will the seal swell?

In order to achieve the sealing and isolation of each part in the module case, three types of sealing rubber rings are required in the module case. In order to reduce the installation resistance, when the system is installed, the surface of each seal ring should be coated with water or glycerin. It should be noted that Vaseline or other petroleum grease lubricants should be used with caution, otherwise it will cause cracking of fresh water pipelines, especially the expansion of seal rubber rings. Under normal circumstances, the expansion of the rubber ring will not directly affect the operating effect of the system, but it will affect the reloading of the system after unloading, that is, it is difficult for the expanded rubber ring to enter the tank during the loading process.

Industrial RO water treatment equipment

2. Is the water output of each part of the industrial RO water treatment equipment consistent?

In the equipment, due to the pressure difference between the water supply end and the concentrated water end of the membrane element, that is, the pressure drop in the membrane, and because the salt content of the concentrated water of each element is higher than the salt content of the water supply, the osmotic pressure of the water supply of each element is constantly increasing in the system process. If the back pressure and osmotic pressure of fresh water are ignored, the water production of each membrane element along the system flow will be directly proportional to the difference between its operating pressure and osmotic pressure, that is, the water production of each membrane element will gradually decrease.

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