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What should we do if there is a drainage failure in the ultrapure water equipment in the electronics industry?
- 2019-10-14-

What should we do if there is a drainage failure in the ultrapure water equipment in the electronics industry?

With the development of industry, more and more people understand the ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry. When purchasing high-purity water equipment, in order to ensure the safety of production water, there will always be various problems during the use of the equipment. Many people find that pure water equipment sometimes fails to drain water. For the normal operation of the equipment, how to eliminate the drainage failure of high-purity water equipment?

Generally, there are two situations that need to be analyzed at this time. One is that the high pressure pump can work normally, and the other is that the high pressure pump cannot work normally. Elimination methods are different.

1. Drainage troubleshooting during normal operation of the high-pressure pump:

(1) At this time, you should carefully check whether the high-pressure pump of the equipment has lost pressure and whether there is any problem with the water treatment accessories consumables.

(2) If neither waste water nor pure water is discharged, or only a small amount of waste water is discharged, the pre-filter element may be blocked.

(3) If only the wastewater is discharged, and the pure water is not discharged, the check valve is blocked.

(4) It may be that the solenoid valve in the ultra-pure water equipment of the electronics industry has failed and cannot be started effectively.

2. High-pressure pump does not start drainage troubleshooting

(1) Check whether the power connection is firm, normal or caused by power failure.

(2) This failure is sometimes caused by failure to reset the water level controller or the high-voltage switch.

(3) Check whether the transformer and fuse are burned out.

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