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Risk Analysis of Water Injection Equipment System
- 2019-09-16-

Risk Analysis of Water Injection Equipment System

1. High-pressure operation may bring high-velocity steam conflicts, which will cause intergranular corrosion of austenitic stainless steel between the inner cylinder and the spiral plate, which will cause cracking. Leakage from the evaporator will cause the heat source in the product injection water to fail.

2. If the condensate in the industrial steam inlet pipe of the one-effect evaporator of the distilled water machine is drained, it will corrode the top-effect evaporator tube. At the same time, it will open a chance with water hammer and simply crack the evaporator's weld. And cause leakage.

3. The double tube sheet planning of the evaporator, condenser, and preheater faces the risk of leakage. If the expansion joint process is unreasonable, the expansion joint will become thinner and cracks will appear. The external medium and the finished water are interspersed and polluted to form a heat source. One situation is that due to planning reasons, the expansion joints do not consider the thermal stress between the cylinder and the tube to be inconsistent. The expansion joint of the tube will exceed the tensile limit and crack, and once it is damaged, it cannot be corrected.

Installation danger:

If the condensate of the first-effect evaporator is discharged under the condition of back pressure, it simply causes the pressure gauge to be banned. In practice, the pressure of the steam is not so high and the pressure sensor cannot detect it. The discharge of ineffective concentrated water cannot be connected to the sewage. Once the distilled water machine appears Vacuum suction of sewage into the condenser will cause contamination of the injection water system and is very difficult to clean.

Operational danger:

Whether the diaphragm of the diaphragm valve is sealed; whether the check valve on the top of the material water valve block can prevent high temperature water from flowing; whether the adjustment of the valve block adheres to the linear rule; whether the end trap is blocked and affects the operation, etc.

Danger of distortion of pressure gauge, conditioning valve, flow meter:

The sensation of the pressure gauge gauge needle is absolutely forbidden, and the calibration results are forbidden; whether the conditioning valve meets the conditioning rules; whether the flowmeter has an accurate output, and precisely matches the supply water of the material water with the conditioning valve.

Danger of high-level beating operation:

When the liquid level of the first-effect and last-effect evaporator of a multi-distilled water machine often beats to form a water supply valve, the process of distillation will be unstable, resulting in deterioration of water quality.

Danger of industrial steam pressure fluctuations

The industrial steam pressure of the heat source of the distilled water machine is fluctuating greatly, which is the main factor affecting its operation. If the shaking of the distilled water machine is small, the operation of the distilled water machine will be smooth, and the purity of the injection water will remain stable.

Dangerous material:

The data is very important for the distilled water machine. For example, the data of 304 is used to produce injection water at high temperature parts. After a period of use, the internal color is brown. After a period of shutdown, rusty impurities will fall off in the water. Small black spots appear. Such impurities are not easy to clean, and the scale will disappear only after being washed with water successively. However, there is a danger that the quality of the medicine may be affected.

Risk of frost cracking:

After the factory test in winter, the distilled water machine is shipped to the pharmaceutical factory. During installation and commissioning, there may be leakage in some parts. This is caused by the residual water not being drained and frozen. If the shutdown is performed immediately after the factory test, such things will be avoided. It is also necessary to pay attention when the pharmaceutical factory shuts down production and repairs in winter. If the indoor temperature is lower than 0 ° C, there may be such a danger.

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