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Analysis on the effect of zero discharge of industrial wastewater
- 2019-07-18-

Industrial production is part of China's important economic development and has very close liaison with various sectors of the national economy. Pollution of the environment is always a sharp sword hanging over the heads of industrial enterprises. Energy conservation and emission reduction have always been a difficult problem for Dao industrial enterprises. Industrial products are benefiting mankind. We also remember the environmental alarms triggered by a series of serious environmental emergencies represented by the Songhua River water pollution incident. The zero discharge technology of industrial wastewater has many advantages: 90-99% of the water can be recovered from the discharged sewage and reused for industrial production, which greatly reduces the water consumption of industrial production, greatly alleviates the problem of water shortage, and completely solves the problem. Environmental pollution issues, withdraw solid by-products. It can be seen that the near-zero discharge of wastewater is the general trend.

As early as the early 1970s, the word "zero emissions" appeared. The world's factory that practices zero wastewater discharge technology is a power plant in Gainesville, North Central Florida. The so-called "zero emissions" refers to What is "waste is zero" is the condition that "the earth is limited", and those wastes that have to be discharged must be recycled, and after all, the use of renewable resources and energy can be continued.

The economic benefit of the disc filter system is considerable. Experts point out that the "zero emission" demand that many companies are pursuing to solve and overcome is the problem of concentrated water, which is high in salt, high in COD and large in volume. The previous thick water evaporative drying process has high costs and difficult to achieve heating conditions. Generally, the concentrated water after ultrafiltration of the double membrane method has basically reached the environmental protection concept of near-zero emission technology. At the same time, the overall plan is to make the concentrated water acceptable in terms of treatment cost and feasible in project implementation.

Of course, there are still some technical difficulties waiting to be broken through. The first is that the disc filter technology is not yet mature enough, and there is a problem of multi-effect evaporator fouling. Fouling is on the increased crystal nucleus instead of the inner wall. Secondly, there are specific problems in project implementation. If this wastewater zero discharge technology is applied to practice, the cost can be greatly reduced, and the economic benefits have far-reaching significance for the entire wastewater occupation, especially for the industrial occupation.

In summary, the use of "zero discharge" technology for industrial wastewater will greatly solve the serious problem of toxic industrial waste that pollutes rivers and lakes with the development of industrialization, protecting those aquatic organisms that are extinct and our survival. "Zero emissions" will ensure a harmonious development of human society and the natural environment in a suitable and recycling manner.

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