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How to maintain ultra pure water equipment in electronics industry
- 2019-07-22-

In our time life, the application of ultra-pure water equipment is becoming more and more widespread. Most of the equipment is imported high-quality equipment materials, so the price will be relatively high. So in the process of using ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry , Need daily maintenance. So how to maintain the ultrapure water equipment?

The first is the maintenance of the pretreatment system of ultrapure water equipment

The pretreatment system is mainly composed of three parts: sand filter, carbon filter and softener. The sand filter and carbon filter should be washed carefully in order to remove the accumulated impurities in the body to prevent large particles from entering the reverse osmosis unit. Membrane clogging. Generally speaking, the ultra-pure water equipment that uses tap water as raw water requires its sand carbon filter to be rinsed every three days. Of course, for fully automatic ultra-pure water equipment, the flushing process is performed automatically, which saves time. Save effort.

Maintenance of mixed bed EDI for ultrapure water equipment

The mixed bed is a more important part to ensure the terminal water outlet. It is mainly based on the appearance of the mixed bed to monitor the appearance. Once the water quality is unqualified, we must divide the mixed bed and regenerate it. The regeneration should pay attention to the effect of acid and alkali. Just be quick, because if the residual part of the acid-base solution in the mixed bed will have a certain effect on the terminal effluent, in general, the regeneration of the mixed bed needs to follow the steps in the statement, and if you do not understand, you need to consult the engineering staff in time ; Because EDI is a relatively advanced part of the ultrapure water equipment process, it does not need to be regenerated, but we need to note that the life of EDI depends on the quality of the water. You must find it when replacing or cleaning EDI. Operate by professionals and never handle it by yourself.

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