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Why is the ultra-pure water equipment of the electronics industry so important
- 2019-07-19-

With the rapid development of electronic products, competition among many brands has become increasingly fierce. The quality of the product directly affects the development of the enterprise. However, the electronics industry has very high requirements for water quality. Ultra-pure water is required in the production and cleaning processes. It directly affects the key to product quality. Therefore, ultra-pure water equipment has been widely used in the electronics profession.

In order to meet the needs of users, reach the water quality that meets the specifications, and reduce pollution at all levels as much as possible. In the process planning, take the water of our tap water specification as the raw water, and then set up media filters, activated carbon filters, fine filters, etc. Pretreatment system, RO reverse osmosis host system, ion exchange mixed bed system, etc.

First, the primary role of the media filter is to remove suspended matter and mechanical impurities from the raw water. The equipment is made of high quality stainless steel materials. A cloth water cap, refined quartz sand, etc. are installed in the body, and other fillers can also be installed. Reasonable quartz sand filling ratio and good water distribution system make the water quality of the system more stable. Other equipment is also equipped with gas scouring function, which can remove the dirt on the medium and the bed to a great extent, improve the quality of the effluent and extend the working cycle.

The second is that the activated carbon filter has the functions of deodorization, decolorization, degreasing, and adsorption of organic impurities. It can remove free residual chlorine in the water to a large extent and ensure the quality of the inflow water of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Then, the RO host system introduces internationally advanced reverse osmosis skills. Using the principle of pressure difference, it can effectively remove salt in water, and the desalination rate can reach about 99%.

Then, the mixed bed system uses ion exchange skills, built-in anion and cation resins, and a reasonable resin layer height can effectively ensure that the effluent water quality meets user requirements. The electrical resistivity of ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry is close to 18.2MΩ * cm, which is almost non-conductive. It fully meets the water needs of the electronic profession and is one of the important equipment of the electronic profession.

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