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What are the characteristics of ultra pure water equipment in the electronics industry
- 2019-07-18-

Now the industry is developing faster and the water pollution problem is becoming more and more serious. The electronics industry generally requires higher water quality. If the water quality fails to meet the requirements, the electronic equipment produced will be difficult to pass, so it is generally used in the electronics industry. Professional electronics industry ultra-pure water equipment to purify water quality, so what are its characteristics?

First of all, the unqualified water quality has become a problem in the production process of the electronic profession. Many electronic production companies have begun to do everything possible to improve the water quality of the production water, so as to meet the production needs. Most of them choose ultra-pure water production equipment. It has a wide range of applications, such as high-purity water used in the production of microelectronic products, ultra-pure water used in semiconductor and picture tube manufacturing, ultra-pure water used in cleaning integrated circuit boards, and water used in batteries, lithium batteries, solar cells, and dry batteries.

Electronic industry ultra-pure water equipment usually consists of multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, sodium ion softeners, fine filters, etc. to form a pretreatment system, a RO reverse osmosis host system, and an ion exchange mixed bed (EDI electric desalination system) system. Etc. constitute the primary equipment system. The original water tank, central water tank, RO pure water tank, ultra-pure water tank are all equipped with liquid level control system, high and low pressure water pumps are equipped with high and low pressure protection devices, online water quality control instrumentation, and PLC is used for electrical selection. It does not need to be on duty. At the same time, it adopts a unified method of referral and customer requirements in the process material selection, so that the equipment has higher cost performance and equipment reliability compared with other similar products.

Electronic professional ultra-pure water is mainly used in ultra-pure water for the blending of ultra-pure materials and reagents; ultra-pure water for car and home appliances, and optoelectronic products.

The emergence of ultra-pure water equipment has also solved the problem of water production for electronic occupations. At present, ultra-pure water equipment has become a guarantee for the production of electronic occupations. It can ensure the sustainable development of electronic occupations and promote the joint development of economy and technology. Ultra-pure water equipment has played a significant role in the production of the electronics industry. However, in the face of the rapid rise of the electronics profession, ultra-pure water equipment still needs to accelerate its development, and develop higher-standard ultra-pure water production equipment to meet the electronics The needs of the industry.

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