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How to reduce the cost of medical wastewater treatment equipment during use
- 2019-07-22-

Medical wastewater treatment equipment is a device specifically used to treat sewage in medicine. Many sewage treatment plants have begun to invest heavily in the construction and operation of this equipment. So what is the method of equipment operation cost? The following is a brief introduction for everyone.

The first is to reduce labor costs

1. First, outsource labor-intensive or production-intensive operations such as sludge transport, green maintenance, sanitary cleaning, and domestic waste cleaning, and reduce the number of posts and personnel to focus on the main business.

2. After optimizing the operation mode, increasing the investment in science and technology, and selecting advanced technology, the number of management and operation staff in the domestic sewage treatment equipment factory will be reduced, thereby reducing labor costs.

The second is the reduction of power consumption through the development of the following methods

1. The first is to adjust the process or operation method of domestic sewage treatment equipment. According to the amount of treated water and the quality of the incoming water, optimize the number of aerated biological filters put into operation; dynamically adjust the amount of aeration according to the dissolved oxygen content; adjust the aerated biological filters and V-shaped filters Washing time; the grill machine and its supporting horizontal screw conveyor and press are selected to operate on time.

2. Secondly, according to the operation of the process, try to change the facultative oxygenation process of the hydrolysis acidification tank to the anaerobic process, reduce and control the operation time of the submersible agitator in the tank, and use the hydraulic retention time that prolongs the dual effect of hydrolysis and acidification to reduce the sewage Concentration of pollutants, thereby reducing the energy consumption of subsequent processes, improving the role of sewage treatment, and then extending the filter backwash cycle, reducing power consumption.

3. Pay attention to the periodic maintenance, plugging and flushing operations of domestic sewage treatment equipment. To ensure the integrity of equipment such as sludge screw pumps, submersible sewage pumps, grill machines, long shaft pumps, metering pumps, high-efficiency sedimentation tanks, grid flocculation tanks, and improve their operating power

4. Pay attention to the chemically strengthened backwash and online chemical cleaning of ultrafiltration system membrane components, and the chemical cleaning operation of reverse osmosis system, improve the operating power and water production rate of the two systems, and reduce power consumption.

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