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Matters needing attention for medical wastewater treatment equipment
- 2019-07-22-

I believe that everyone knows that the demand for water in hospitals is very large, so the discharge of sewage in hospitals is also relatively large. Hospital sewage discharge is different from sewage discharge in other industries. The composition of hospital sewage is relatively chaotic. At the same time, the water contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, toxic and harmful physical and chemical pollutants, and radioactive pollution. Therefore, the daily management of medical wastewater treatment equipment is very important. So, what should we pay attention to in the daily management of medical wastewater treatment equipment? The specific details are as follows.

First of all, the daily protection of medical wastewater treatment equipment needs to be included in the hospital's normal equipment protection management work, and the structures, equipment, electrical and automatic control instruments should be checked and protected at regular intervals. The workplace of the wastewater treatment station should be equipped with fire protection equipment according to the requirements of the fire department to ensure treatment The equipment runs safely.

2. During the daily operation, it is necessary to establish and improve the operation account system according to the specific sewage equipment, fill in the operation records as required, and record the relevant operation and discharge parameters, and keep them properly.

3. The protection of hospital wastewater treatment equipment should be done in the workplace every day. Adhere to the outstanding and clean working environment in the workplace, and protect the metering accessories once a week and the entire equipment once every quarter to ensure the hospital. The operating rate of sewage treatment equipment should be greater than 90% (in operating days). The equipment intactness rate should be greater than 95%.

The above are the precautions for daily management of hospital wastewater treatment equipment provided by experienced technicians, and I hope to help hospitals and other places. Keep in mind that hospital sewage is infectious, so you cannot discharge it at will. To treat hospital sewage, you must rely on professional sewage treatment equipment.

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