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Principles of two-stage reverse osmosis equipment design
- 2019-08-08-

The two-stage reverse osmosis equipment uses multi-stage prefiltration, two-stage reverse osmosis, nuclear-grade mixed-bed resin purification, dual-wavelength ultraviolet digestion and other advanced foreign processing technologies and our company's process design to ensure product performance and stability. So what principles should we know in design? Shanghai Fuzi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will give you an explanation.

1. The RO device has a self-circulating pipeline. When the liquid level of the storage tank is full and no water is needed, the device automatically switches to the small circulation operation state, and the secondary RO produced water returns to the intermediate water storage tank.

2. The system operates 24 hours without interruption. When there is no water demand, keep the low flow rate circulation in the water distribution pipeline to prevent standing water.

3. The reliability of the equipment. Protect the equipment safety under the premise of protecting the operator first, and install protective devices and warning signs on the hidden danger areas.

4. In order to easily verify the quality of the effluent of each processing unit, the performance of the single equipment is confirmed, and sampling points are set for each equipment unit.

5. The whole set of equipment runs according to a program. The ultrapure water preparation system keeps running even when there is no need for water.

In fact, two-stage reverse osmosis is a precise membrane liquid separation technology. Operating pressure is applied on the water inlet side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure. When the operating pressure higher than the natural osmotic pressure is added to the concentrated solution side, the direction of the natural infiltration of water molecules flows. It will be reversed, and the water molecules in the water will pass through the two-stage reverse osmosis membrane to become purified water on the dilute solution side; the two-stage reverse osmosis equipment can block all soluble salts and organic matter with a molecular weight greater than 100, but allow water molecules to pass through The two-stage reverse osmosis composite membrane desalting rate is generally greater than 98%. They are widely used in industrial pure water and electronic ultrapure water preparation, drinking pure water production, boiler feed water and other processes. The use of two-stage reverse osmosis equipment before ion exchange can greatly increase Decrease the discharge of operating water and wastewater.

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