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What is the optimization process of the zero-emission equipment for the steel industry?
- 2019-08-26-

The steel industry is one of the pollution occupations. It pollutes the atmosphere, rivers, lakes and land. In recent years, all waste gas, waste residue and industrial wastewater have been promoted and reused, and they have become available resources. For industrial wastewater, different degrees of industrial wastewater are used. It is the foundation to achieve zero emissions and to reduce river and lake pollution. It is also an effective way to save water and reduce costs. The zero-emission treatment technology provides an effective way to complete the reuse and recycling of industrial wastewater, with a recovery rate of up to 98%. The following editors take a brief look at the optimization process of zero-discharge equipment for molten steel.

Zero discharge equipment for iron and steel industry wastewater

Optimized technology of zero-discharge equipment for iron and steel industry wastewater:

1. Application of chlorine-resistant RO membranes (points to deal with the problem of microbial contamination of RO membrane elements, enhance the membrane's service life, and reduce the cost of water reuse).

2. Choosing the role of chlorine-resistant RO membrane: Simplify the process without the need for reducing agent dosing, DBNPA dosing, and effluent disinfectant. Improve the ability to prevent the danger of RO membrane biological pollution. Degrade organic macromolecules, reduce COD, and reduce the risk of RO organic pollution. Reduction of medicament addition and reduction of operating costs.

Features of wastewater treatment equipment for the steel industry

1. High degree of automation and stable effluent quality.

Zero discharge equipment for iron and steel industry wastewater

2. The energy-saving special process is selected, and the running cost is far lower than the sewage charge and water charge.

3. The enterprise can basically recover the capital contribution in one year on the investment in the reuse system.

4. The one-time investment is moderate and the floor area is small.

5. The quality of the recycled water is good. Different processes can be suitable for rinsing or can be used in the entire process section of the iron and steel industry wastewater.

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