Purified water equipment for biomedical industry

Purified water equipment for biomedical industry

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China has very strict water requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, so the water produced by our medical purified water equipment needs to meet its conditions. Our medical wastewater treatment equipment can purify water according to the source water quality plan.

At the same time, we provide customers with a complete GMP verification system service. This system uses automatic control methods, which is stable, reliable, beautiful and beautiful. It is the main choice for pharmaceutical production and pharmaceutical professional purified water equipment. It is also a RO water treatment equipment principle. When the water consumption peak period, the water production time can be adjusted, and the water point can be used to stabilize the water consumption.

The entire system of purified water equipment in our bio-pharmaceutical industry is composed of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel raw materials. Its core technology uses new technologies such as reverse osmosis and EDI, and a fully automatic control system to plan a complete set of high-purity water treatment processes to meet the needs of biological and pharmaceutical plants for purified water and large infusion water Claim. Meet the requirements of the 2015 GMP Pharmacopoeia.

I. Application areas:

1. Water for various medical device enterprises;

2. Water for various bio-pharmaceutical companies;

3. Water for various electronics and chemical companies;

4. Type II water used in various laboratories;

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