Laboratory wastewater treatment equipment

Laboratory wastewater treatment equipment

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Laboratory wastewater treatment equipment

The small laboratory wastewater treatment equipment is basically the same as the material used in the medical wastewater treatment in the hospital. It is mainly carbon steel anti-corrosion, stainless steel, glass tank structure, and has corrosion resistance. It can treat comprehensive wastewater from various laboratories such as the biomedical industry. And similar organic sewage.

It adopts an integrated design, simple construction and easy operation, and all mechanical equipment are automatically controlled. The quality of sewage water treated by this equipment can reach China's discharge standards. Our company can also provide reclaimed water reuse equipment according to customer requirements.

Laboratories, laboratories, and test sites are handled in accordance with pollution sources and included in the scope of environmental supervision;

1. Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, disease control centers, hospitals, central blood station inspection centers, forensic and chemical inspection laboratories, etc.

2. Agricultural product quality inspection center, environmental protection monitoring station, technical inspection bureau quality inspection center, food and drug inspection center laboratory, etc .;

3. Central laboratories, inspection centers, quality inspection rooms, and laboratories of petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies;

4. High concentration wastewater management, chemical wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical water equipment manufacturers , pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse.


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