Medical wastewater treatment equipment

Medical wastewater treatment equipment

Product Details

I. Overview

Medical wastewater includes medical wastewater and domestic sewage. It is mainly from sewage discharged from clinics, examination rooms, inpatient buildings and other places. If it is not treated, it will be directly discharged. It will definitely cause pollution to the environment because medical wastewater It contains a large number of bacterial viruses. If not treated, it may cause the spread of infectious bacteria. Therefore, the treatment of medical wastewater is essential.

The main application fields of medical wastewater treatment equipment are wastewater treatment in hospitals or medical clinics

Product features are as follows

1. The equipment has relatively advanced technology, reasonable planning, complete supporting facilities, and sensitive and simple operation.

2, using corrosion-resistant equipment and materials, longer service life.

3. The output is large, and there is no need to add wastewater treatment equipment and emissions.

4. The fully automatic continuous system is suitable for large-volume wastewater recovery.

5. Convenient operation, safe and reliable use, and guaranteed quality.

6. When the industrial zone has limited or no water, this recycling equipment can be used to ensure production.

7. Draining water can pass the first-level discharge regulations of the new environmental protection regulations.

8. Low operating cost (tap water cost, environmental protection cost reduction)

The treatment process of medical wastewater is as follows:

1. Primary process basic process flow

Hospital sewage → septic tank → conditioning tank → disinfection touch tank → discharge into municipal

2. The basic process of secondary processing

Hospital sewage → septic tank → conditioning tank → biochemical tank → sedimentation tank → disinfection touch tank → drain into municipal


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