Medical equipment purified water equipment

Medical equipment purified water equipment

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Overview of medical equipment daily purified water equipment

The process water used in the medical device industry involves the cleaning, manufacturing, cleaning of clean clothes, cleaning of station equipment and environmental cleaning in the production process of sterile medical devices, implantable medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagent products. Our company provides one-stop service, from development, planning, processing, installation and commissioning, and equipment acceptance through the 2015 version of China's Pharmacopoeia GMP certification, at the same time our company also provides professional in vitro diagnostic reagent purified water equipment.

Features and advantages

1. Like the ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry, they are all selected reverse osmosis water treatment skills, which are used in conjunction with pre-treatment to effectively remove various salts and impurities. The process is relatively advanced, and the produced water quality is stable, the operation is simple, the protection is convenient, and the operating cost is relatively low.

2. The selected high-quality reverse osmosis has high membrane desalination rate and low energy consumption.

3. PLC control is used for the electrical control system. No one is required to complete the system operation. The double-layer waterproof electrical control box is used for the electrical control box, which is safe and reliable.

4. A full set of automatic level control and automatic pressure protection.

5. The system is well-equipped and equipped with on-line reverse osmosis membrane cleaning device to reduce the intensity of equipment operation and protection operation.

6. The introduction of a new after-sales service system, preventive and predictive solutions to problems in the operation of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

7, the system process planning is relatively complete, the system plans a multi-stage sterilization device; a combination of drug disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection methods.

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